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O. T. Frasch Image 281 - Hoo-Hoo House A.Y.P.E.
Image 281 - Hoo-Hoo House A.Y.P.E.

Note the cat statues on either side of the entrance walkway. The full title of the building, visibile above the man's head, is "Hoo Hoo House Lumbermen's Club."

We are told that this is actually the Concatenated Order of Hoo Hoo, a fraternal organization founded in 1892 by lumbermen of the South engaged in Reconstruction after the Civil War.

This image was also printed with the title "Compliments of Hoo-Hoo House A.Y.P.E.," as seen below.  Our guess is that these cards were printed on contract for the Lumbermen's Club.

O. T. Frasch Image 281 - Compliments of Hoo-Hoo House A.Y.P.E.

There is another Image 281 titled "Cushman Falls Lake Cushman Wn."