O.T. Frasch Unnumbered Images N-Z

Not all O.T. Frasch images are numbered; some have only titles. We do not know why Otto did this; there is no obvious pattern to the unnumbered images.

The list includes some photos that may not not have been taken by him but show family members, or were found in family photo albums.

Topics include:

  • Seattle schools, street regrades and downtown buildings
  • Luna Park in West Seattle
  • The 1911-1913 Golden Potlatch Parades
  • Steam ships
  • Tacoma
  • Family photos
Neah Bay Wash.
Noble Hospital Seattle, Wash
N.P. Hospital Tacoma Wash (mailbox)
Unnumbered Image - O.T. Frasch in Lilliwaup
O.T. Frasch in Car at Sund's
Potlatch Parade Seattle
Potlatch Parade Seattle (canoe)
Queen Anne High School
She's Makin a Hog of Herself
S.S. Alameda (Cut Colman Dock in Two)
S.S. Indianapolis
S.S. Minnesota by Moon Light
Steam Shovel Crew
Steele Structure of Hoge Bldg. Seattle
The Golden Potlatch - '97 (37)
The Golden Potlatch - '97 (699)
Uncle Hiram on his car
Uncle Hiram with his Menagerie
Walk in Point Defiance Park, Tacoma
Washington Bear Hunters
Yourn Fer Sucksess En Good Krops

A selected image from the range N-Z:

O.T. Frasch patent 2,214,229 fig. 1
O.T. Frasch patent 2,214,229 fig. 1