O.T. Frasch Images Acquired in 2016

Looking at the O.T. Frasch images we acquired in a particular year won't show patterns; after all, the postcards are purchased at different times from sellers all over the United States and occasionally from around the world. But it's interesting to see how our knowledge of Otto's work has grown over the years, and how many images we've been able to purchase at a time.

We acquired only a handful of new images in 2016. The bump in 2015 did not last.

Topics on images acquired in 2016 include:

  • Seattle retirement center, waterfront, and downtown buildings
  • The 1909 Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition
  • Golden Potlatch 1911-1913
  • Mt. Rainier
  • Hood Canal: Duckabush, Hoodsport, and Lake Cushman
188 copy D - S.S. H.B. Kennedy
217 - To Lake Cushman
977 - Sund's Hood's Canal
298 - Bridge over Duckabush River
R18 - Mt. Rainier Washington
927 - Seattle Water Front #3
X9 - Mfg. & Fisheries Bldg's
Copy of R9 - Mt. Tacoma
Copy of 147 - Alki Point Trolley
2 Ave. Seattle C
Copy of 131 - Upper Second Avenue
Copy of Mt. Rainier (dead trees)
877 - Potlatch Parade Seattle
76 - Kenney Home Seattle for Old People
104 - 2nd Ave. So. from Yesler Way

A selected image acquired in 2016:

Copy of Unnumbered Image - Mt. Rainier Washington
Copy of Unnumbered Image - Mt. Rainier Washington