O.T. Frasch Images Acquired in 2013

Looking at the O.T. Frasch images we acquired in a particular year won't show patterns; after all, the postcards are purchased at different times from sellers all over the United States and occasionally from around the world. But it's interesting to see how our knowledge of Otto's work has grown over the years, and how many images we've been able to purchase at a time.

Purchase rates for both new and duplicate images remained steady in 2013.

Topics on images acquired in 2013 include:

  • Seattle churches, parks, schools, and downtown buildings
  • University of Washington
  • The 1909 Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition
  • Golden Potlatch 1911-1913
  • Mt. Rainier
  • Tacoma
  • Steamers and U.S. Navy warships
  • Logging
  • Hood Canal: Lake Cushman
  • University of Idaho
716 copy - A Resident Scene in Ballard
135 - U.S. Battleship Colorado
1059 - Washington Cedar Tree Hood Canal
2 copy - What Is I?
270 - Mt. Ellinor Lake Cushman Wn.
155 - U.S.S. Missouri
505 - U. of I. Cadets Camps Moscow Idaho
252 - S.S. Admiral Farragut
46 - Parad Golden Potlatch Seattle
464 - Lesson IV Fletchir Training
462 copy B - Review March Public School
826 B - Providence Hospital
247 - Looking West from Utah Bldg.
N.P. Hospital Tacoma Wash. B
53X - S.S. Minnesota by Moon Light
00 copy - Interior Catholic Cathedral
501 - U. of I. Cadets Moscow Idaho
769 - Formal Garden U of W Seattle
8 - Holy Names Academy & Normal School
R14 - On Mt. Rainier Washington
113 - St. James Catedral
90 - In Woodland Park Seattle
861 - Queen Daphne on Her Throne

A selected image acquired in 2013:

Image 135 - U.S. Battleship Colorado in Dry Dock at Puget Sound Navy Yard
Image 135 - U.S. Battleship Colorado in Dry Dock at Puget Sound Navy Yard