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O. T. Frasch Image 785 - The Famous Motto of Japan
Image 785 - The Famous Motto of Japan

This card was printed on contract for Ye Olde Curiosity Shop on Colman Dock. It seems to be a copy of a photograph; the crease about 1/3 of the way down is present in identical form on both copies seen so far.

The card is signed with the initials "OTF" but has the writing of O. T. Frasch and his imprint on the back. Portions of an earlier caption (including the signature "O. T. Frasch") are visible on the front as well.

The caption reads:

The Famous Motto of Japan

Hear, speak, see no evil. In 1650 the Mikado of Japan commanded the noted (one armed) carver Gingoro to carve an emblem over doorway of the temple Dojyoji in Shiba Park Tokyo. The three wise monkeys is the result.

Copyright 1910 by Ye Olde Curiosity Shop Colman Dock Seattle