E2 - B.P.O.E. Parade

Image E2 - B.P.O.E. Parade
Image E2 - B.P.O.E. Parade

This decorated car was part of a parade, likely held at the 1909 World's Fair held in Seattle, the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition. The two letters 'Y' and 'P' are visible in the upper left corner of the image. Image E8 - B.P.O.E. Parade shows another part of the parade in progress; A.Y.P.E. buildings are visible in the background of that photo.

The image does not use Otto's normal numbering; perhaps he printed it on contract for them.

This image is courtesy of Dan Kerlee.

There are three other images numbered 2:

Reuse of image numbers and different image series make it difficult to know how many images Otto published.