O.T. Frasch Images 70-79

O.T. Frasch images in the range from 70 to 79 do not have a common theme. There are the usual Seattle photos and a reprint of a Frank Nowell photo from the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, but there is also a photo of the Olympic Mountains of western Washington and a photo of a cherry tree in bloom on February 10. Finally, two images (72 and 73) are actually four-part postcards, each showing several of Otto's most popular photos.

Two image numbers are reused: 70 and 75. Image 70 has an unusual writing style, an atypical image numbering scheme, and is signed only with Otto's initials. Image X70 is a reprint of a Frank Nowell A.Y.P.E. photo. Image 75 is a photo of a cherry tree in bloom, while image 75X is a photo of the Seattle waterfront that has nothing to do with the A.Y.P.E.

Topics in the image range from 70 to 79 include:

  • Seattle parks, waterfront, and assorted buildings
  • Multi-part postcards
  • Olympic Mountains
  • Spokane Apple Show
  • Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition (Nowell image for Central News Co.)
70 - Public Library Seattle
71 - First Prize Car Load (630 Boxes)
72 - Four-Part Postcard
73 - Some Seattle Regrades
74 - In Madrona Park
75 - A Washington Cherry Tree
75X - Seattle Waterfront
76 - Kenney Home Seattle for Old People
78 - The Olympic Mt's Washington

A selected image from the range 70-79:

Image 74 - In Madrona Park
Image 74 - In Madrona Park