O.T. Frasch Images 130-139

O.T. Frasch images in the range from 130 to 139 show downtown Seattle buildings and United States Navy warships at the Puget Sound Navy Yard. The warship photos were probably taken in honor of the Great White Fleet's visit to Seattle in 1908; both of the images with postmarks have dates just before the fleet's arrival.

Naval ships of the time were identified by small letters on their stern. This often led to mistakes. The first version of Image 136 described the ship as the U.S.S. Milwaukee; Otto later corrected it (scratching off the first caption) to report it as the U.S.S. St. Louis.

131 - 2 Ave. Seattle
131 - U.S.S. Nebraska Built in Seattle
132 - U.S. Battleship Wisconsin
133 - Totem Pole Seattle
133 - Portion of Puget Sound Navy Yard
134 - U.S. Cruiser Pennsylvania
135 - U.S. Battleship Colorado
136 - U.S.S. St. Louis
137 - U.S.S. Colorado
138 - U.S. Battle Ship in Dry Dock
139 - U.S.S. St. Louis

A selected image from the range 130-139:

Image 137 - U.S.S. Colorado at Puget Sound Navy Yard
Image 137 - U.S.S. Colorado at Puget Sound Navy Yard