O.T. Frasch Images 850-859

O.T. Frasch images in the range from 850 to 859 include a photo of a sketch of the Hoge Building in downtown Seattle, an apparent advertisement for the Fisher Flouring Mill, several postcards printed for one of the Golden Potlatch celebrations of 1911-1913, and an unsigned image of a naval fleet with a number in writing that looks very much like Otto's. The latter has a caption in someone else's writing, suggesting that Otto did not take the photo even if he printed a version of it.

850 - Hoge Building
851 - Americas Finest Flouring Mill
853 - President Hayes
854 A - Birth of the Golden Potlatch Seattle
856 - 2nd Ave. Seattle
857 - 3rd Ave. Seattle
859 - Waiting for the Gold Ship to Arive

A selected image from the range 850-859:

Image 856 - 2nd Ave. Seattle
Image 856 - 2nd Ave. Seattle