O.T. Frasch Images 10-19

Like O.T. Frasch images in the range from 00 to 9, images in the range from 10 to 19 use multiple numbering schemes. Mt. Rainier photos use image numbers that begin with 'R' and Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition photos use image numbers that begin with 'X'. One photo of an A.Y.P.E. building apparently has the image number "1-1", which is listed here as if it were "11".

Some of these photos were apparently taken soon after Otto arrived in Seattle; for example, one copy of 17 - On Washington Drive is postmarked June 1908, shortly after 1908 Ford Model T automobiles began production. Other photos were taken later; the Golden Potlatch parades began in 1911. We don't know how many images Otto printed or the order in which the photos were taken.

Topics in the image range from 10 to 19 include:

  • Seattle parks, street regrades, and downtown buildings
  • Logging
  • Mt. Rainier ('R' series images)
  • The 1909 Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition (A.Y.P.E.; 'X' series images)
  • The Puget Sound Navy Yard at Bremerton
  • The 1911-1913 Golden Potlatch Parades
  • Frasch family
X10 - Mfg. Bldg. from Agriculture Bldg.
R10 - On Mt. Rainier Washington
11 - Fourth Ave. Regrade
R11 - On Mt. Rainier Washington
11 - Administration Building A.Y.P. Eyxpo
X12 - Fisheries Bldg. A.Y.P.E.
12 - King Street Station Seattle
13 - Jackson Street Regrade
X13 - Mfg. Bldg. & Machinery Hall
R13 - Narada Falls on Mt. Rainier
14 - Flooding Dry Dock
X14 - Agriculture Bldg from Mfg. Bldg
R14 - On Mt. Rainier Washington
15 - Loging near Seattle
15 - Leschi Park Seattle
R15 - On Mt. Rainier Washington
X16 - End of Agriculture Bldg A.Y.P.E.
16 - Interlaken Boulevard Leschi Park
16 - Auto Parade Golden Potlatch Seattle
R16 - Mt. Rainier Washington
16? - Hauling Logs Near Seattle
17 - On Washington Drive
R17 - Mt. Rainier Washington
X17 - Mfg. Bldg from Agriculture Bldg
18 - New City Hall Seattle
X18 - A.Y.P.E. Grounds from University
R18 - Mt. Rainier Washington
X19 - A.Y.P.E. Grounds from University
19 - Old and New City Hall Seattle

A selected image from the range 10-19:

Image R11 - Skulken Falls on Mt. Rainier
Image R11 - Skulken Falls on Mt. Rainier