O.T. Frasch Images 00-09

Otto reused image numbers many times, and the range from 00 to 9 shows this very clearly. For example, there are four images numbered 3:

In theory images with low numbers would be among the first photos that Otto took in Seattle and the surrounding areas after arriving in late 1906 or 1907. However, the Golden Potlatch parades did not begin until 1911.

Otto also used multiple image numbering schemes. For example, many of his Mt. Rainier photos use image numbers that begin with 'R'. Otto also reprinted official Frank Nowell photos of the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, either under his own name or (apparently) on contract for other companies, and prefixed those image numbers with 'X'. There is even an A.Y.P.E. image number beginning with 'E'. For purposes of ordering, we ignore the prefix letter and use only the number.

Reuse of image numbers and different image series make it difficult to know how many images Otto published.

Topics in the image range from 00 to 9 include:

  • Seattle churches, parks, street regrades, and downtown buildings
  • Logging
  • Mt. Rainier ('R' series images)
  • The 1909 Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition (A.Y.P.E.; 'X' and 'E' series images)
  • The 1911-1913 Golden Potlatch Parades
  • Frasch family
00 - Interior of St. James Cathedral
1 - A Cedar Tree in Washington
R1 - On Mt. Rainier Washington
X1 - Bason A.Y.P.E. Grounds
X2 - Calafornia Bldg. A.Y.P.E.
2 - What Is I?
R2 - Mt. Rainier Washington
E2 - B.P.O.E. Parade
3 - Regrading Streets With Water
R3 - Mt. Rainier Washington
3 - Auto Parade Golden Potlatch
X3 - Cascade Mts. & Macenery Hall
X4 - Mfg. Bldg. & Basin A.Y.P.E.
R4 - Mt. Rainier Washington
4 - Sun Set on Puget Sound
5 - Denny Hill Regrade
R5 - Mt. Rainier Washington
5 - Auto Parade Golden Potlatch Seattle
X5 - Yukon Ave. A.Y.P.E. Seattle 1909
6 - Leschi Park Seattle
R6 - Mt. Rainier Washington
7 - Union Depot Seattle
7 - Washington Timber
R7 - Mt. Rainier Washington
X7 - Spirit of the Pacific A.Y.P.E.
X7 - Agriculture & Fisheries Bldg's.
8 - Holy Names Academy & Normal School
X8 - Agriculture Bldg. A.Y.P.E.
E8 - B.P.O.E. Parade
R8 - Mt. Rainier
9 - Denny Hill Regrade
R9 - Mt. Rainier Washington
X9 - Mfg. & Fisheries Bldg's

A selected image from the range 00-09:

Image R1 - On Mt. Rainier Washington
Image R1 - On Mt. Rainier Washington