O.T. Frasch Images 90-99

Most O.T. Frasch images in the range from 90 to 99 show Seattle parks and buildings. There is one reprint of a Frank Nowell photo from the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition; as is typical, its image number begins with 'X'.

There are two images numbered 96. The first shows an open-air trolley car carrying bettors to a racetrack south of downtown Seattle, while the second shows the Smith Building, completed in 1914. The latter has a misspelled word in the title: "Storie", presumably meant as the singular of "Stories". Otto sometimes spelled "Story" properly, but a number of his images have typographical or spelling errors like this in their captions.

X90 - Mines & Manufacture Bldg. A.Y.R.E.
90 - In Woodland Park Seattle
91 - In Madison Park
92 - In Madison Park
95 - White City Madison Park
95 - New Draw Bridge
96 - Race Track Streetcar Seattle
96 - Yesler Way from City Hall
97 - White City Entrance
98 - Madison Park Parvilion
99 - King Co. Ferry Lake Washington

A selected image from the range 90-99:

Image 92 - In Madison Park
Image 92 - In Madison Park